Home Nutrition Celeriac (Celery root) Vitamin info and Well being advantages

Celeriac (Celery root) Vitamin info and Well being advantages

Celeriac (Celery root) Vitamin info and Well being advantages


Choice and storage

If grown within the yard, celeriac will likely be prepared for harvest by August however may be out there so till December. Within the shops, they are often available and in some markets from September to April.

Purchase medium-sized tubers measuring about 3-4 inches in diameter. Search for easy and even floor tubers, as they’re simple to peel and possess delicate taste. Keep away from massive, over-matured roots and people with floor cracks.

As soon as at dwelling, retailer celeriac as you’d do within the case of turnips and carrots. It has good maintaining high quality and may retailer properly for 3-4 months if stored between 0°C and 5°C set at excessive relative humidity and never allowed to turn into dry in between. Maintain it in a plastic bag contained in the vegetable compartment of the fridge. Don’t retailer celeriac contained in the deep freezer.

Preparation and serving strategies

To organize, simply scrub and wash the basis in chilly working water to take away off floor sand and soil. Mop dry utilizing an absorbent material. Trim off prime finish and base. Then reduce the whole tuber into quarters or cubes. Scrape off its outer pores and skin utilizing a thick knife.

Simply as in potatoes, it turns brown quickly after publicity to air. Merely rub a lemon or orange slice over the reduce floor. Chop its white flesh into cubes, slices as chances are you’ll need earlier than including them into recipes. Boiled celeriac may be mashed and added to greens.

Listed here are some serving ideas:

plaice served with mashedceleriac
Plaice served with inexperienced peas, broad beans and mashed celeriac.adactio

  • Celeriac is employed as you utilize different root greens. It imparts delicate celery taste to the recipes.

  • It may be used uncooked in salads, coleslaw, French celeriac remoulade, as a garnish (grated).

  • Boiled, and mashed, celeriac makes a scrumptious combine with mashed potatoes. It may then be served with fish, meat, and with different root greens like potato, beets, kohlrabi, turnip, carrots…and so on.

  • Root celery can be utilized in soups, sauce, pie, casseroles.

Security profile

Celeriac incorporates a number of furanocoumarin compounds like psoralen, bergapten, xanthotoxin, and isopimpinellin which can trigger pores and skin burn (photo-toxicity) in some delicate people. Furthermore, like celery, it needs to be prevented in massive portions in pregnant girls.
Likewise, folks on diuretic drugs and anti-coagulant drugs ought to use this root sparingly. (Medical disclaimer).

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