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L-Theanine + Caffeine For Productiveness With A Facet Of Calm

L-Theanine + Caffeine For Productiveness With A Facet Of Calm


As soon as I noticed matcha’s nootropic advantages, it turned my secret weapon for staying zen whereas getting shit achieved on my busiest days. I by no means thought I might discover one thing that matched my love for matcha—till we launched focus+

This modern components options 100 milligrams of bioactive L-theanine (not less than 2x the quantity2 in a regular matcha latte) and two completely different plant-sourced types of caffeine: 50 milligrams of instant-release caffeine from natural espresso fruit and 100 milligrams of sustained-release caffeine from inexperienced espresso beans. 

Because the day goes on, I get simply the correct amount of caffeine from focus+ to boost my power and a focus, whereas L-theanine delivers temper assist and helps preserve a state of move.* The added cognitive advantages from guarana, Panax ginseng, and vitamin B12 spherical out this listing of actually spectacular nootropic components.* 

Some days, I used to be having two, even three matchas, relying on how a lot power and focus I required for that day’s explicit listing of to-dos. In the present day, I nonetheless have a matcha most mornings (I’m sipping on one as I write this!), however my first dose of L-theanine and caffeine of the day comes from mindbodygreen’s focus+. It delivers the entire psychological readability, consideration assist, and mood-lifting advantages I really like in a easy capsule.* 

Whereas I take pleasure in taking the time to craft a scrumptious latte, I don’t all the time have the time to undergo my matcha-making ritual. I preserve focus+ in my work bag, so I all the time have the ability of focus at my fingertips (no whisk or stovetop required).* 



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