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Mamey Sapote Diet info and Well being advantages

Mamey Sapote Diet info and Well being advantages


Choice and storage

A number of cultivars of mamey sapote hit the market all around the season. Usually, they’re imported into the US. Harvesting is normally accomplished manually by gently plucking/reducing with clippers.

Solely mature fruits proceed to ripen after their harvest and change into edible. Due to this fact, their maturity is adjudged by scratching the fruit’s floor to ensure whether or not the pores and skin is ”not inexperienced” beneath the scruff.

Mamey (Red) sapote in a market
Sapota fruits. Observe for rusty grey uncooked fruits.
(Photograph courtesy by Mark)

Within the markets, purchase contemporary mamey with clean, intact pores and skin and with out floor cuts/cracks, bruises, or wrinkles. As soon as ripened, the fruit simply yields to mild thumb strain.

As in different Sapotaceae members, mamey too have to be saved at room temperature for 4 to 7 days to ripen. The agency, ripe fruits can hold effectively for a number of days within the house fridge and if set at 35° F, they’ll final for just a few weeks.

Preparation and serving technique

Solely ripe mamey sapote is match for consumption. Minimize the fruit lengthwise into halves utilizing a paring knife, then scoop the flesh utilizing a spoon and discard its seed. It needs to be loved with none additions to be able to expertise its distinctive taste.

Listed below are some serving ideas:

  • Contemporary mamey sections are an important addition to fruit salads.

  • Mamey sapote milkshake/smoothie is a favourite drink.

  • It’s also utilized in ice lotions, jams, jellies, preserves, truffles, pies, and many others.

Security profile

Being one of many members within the Sapotaceae household of tropical fruits, mamey sapote options milky sap from its leaves and immature fruits.

The sap consists of astringent compounds like tannins. These compounds are significantly concentrated within the uncooked mamey fruits which provides them an intensely bitter style.

Consumption of uncooked, unripe mamey might lead to uncooked sensation within the mouth and throat, mouth ulcers, swelling of throat mucosa, and respiration problem, particularly in kids.
(Medical disclaimer)

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