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Mouth Taping Is TikTok’s Creepiest Sleep Hack

Mouth Taping Is TikTok’s Creepiest Sleep Hack


My husband not too long ago identified that I’ve began sleeping with my mouth open. “You do not snore,” he assured me. However then, he gently added, “You simply breathe loudly by your mouth.” The noise has began making it more durable for him to go to sleep — messing together with his already fragile sleep schedule—  and even I’ve observed I’ve developed dangerous morning breath from this beautiful new behavior, too. On high of shopping for myself a tongue scraper, I began researching alternative ways to cease mouth respiration at evening. Strategies like respiration meditations and propping up my pillows had been widespread suggestions, however mouth tape for sleeping has not too long ago change into a development on TikTok and the identify alone was sufficient to pique my curiosity. Dozens of creators have posted movies of themselves taping their mouths shut earlier than mattress, claiming it will possibly show you how to sleep, get rid of dangerous breath, cut back cavities, strengthen your immune system, and extra. Clearly, we needed to do some digging. Right here, our consultants clarify the dangers and advantages — if there are any — of mouth taping

Meet the consultants:

  • Michael Breus PhD, a scientific psychologist and sleep skilled primarily based in California.
  • Meilan Han, MD MS, a professor of medication within the Division of Pulmonary and Vital Care on the College of Michigan primarily based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 
  • Richard Lipari, DDS, a board-certified dentist at Lipari & Mangiameli Dentistry in Chappaqua, New York.
  • Jeffrey Sulitzer, a DMD and chief scientific officer with SmileDirectClub primarily based in Washington.
  • Sudha Tallavajhula, MD, a neurologist at UTHealth Houston and medical director of the Neurological Sleep Drugs Middle at TIRR Memorial Hermann in Houston. 

What’s mouth taping? 

Mouth taping entails inserting a bit of specialty tape like micropore tape (so, not the sort you’d wrap presents with) over the middle of your mouth at evening earlier than you fall asleep. Creators carrying microcore tape to sleep achieve this with the intention to pressure the physique to breathe by the nostril as a substitute of the mouth in a single day, claiming advantages together with improved immunity and higher oral well being. Nasal respiration is the physique’s pure and unconscious manner of respiration, based on professor of medication within the Division of Pulmonary and Vital Care on the College of Michigan, Meilan Han, MD MS, however re-enforcing that is not so simple as eradicating your mouth from the equation. She stresses that, if somebody is respiration by their mouth after they sleep, “there’s [another health] motive for that that will not be mounted just by taping the mouth shut.”

Is mouth-taping secure? 

The brief reply: most likely not. 

Even for usually wholesome folks, mouth taping’s doable uncomfortable side effects can embrace hassle respiration, clogged nasal passages, restricted oxygen move, and pores and skin irritation. Dr. Han admits she has “a troublesome time recommending mouth taping to anybody.” Michael Breus PhD, a scientific psychologist and sleep skilled, has reservations as effectively, as mouth respiration itself is usually an indication of one thing limiting an individual’s capacity to nose-breathe, like allergic reactions or a nasal obstruction corresponding to a deviated septum or nasal polyps. He additionally warns that people who’ve been recognized with sleep apnea must also “by no means” use mouth tape, because the sleep problem can contain episodes of irregular respiration throughout the evening, subsequently requiring the physique to breathe out of the mouth to get the oxygen it wants. 

Are there advantages to respiration by your nostril extra at evening? 

Consultants stress that whereas social media is abuzz with reward for the advantages of mouth taping, there’s little or no scientific proof to definitively assist them. That mentioned, the claims that mouth taping will be useful in selling higher sleep high quality and improved oral hygiene are rooted in the advantages that may come by respiration by the nostril extra typically usually.  

Strengthened nasal passages 

“Respiration by the nostril gives us advantages. The air is healthier filtered and humidified earlier than getting into the lungs,” which strengthens the passages within the nostril, notes Dr. Han. Nevertheless, as a result of people naturally breathe by their nostril, Dr. Han stresses that if somebody is continually respiration by their mouth whereas they sleep, they need to see an expert to look into why.

Improved oral hygiene

Unhealthy breath, be gone? Properly, possibly. In keeping with Richard Lipari, DDS, a board-certified dentist at Lipari & Mangiameli Dentistry in Chappaqua, NY, people who breathe from their mouth at evening are susceptible to dry mouth, which may end up in dangerous breath and make them extra in danger for cavities in the long term. Logically, that will imply that mouth taping ought to repair these points as a result of, effectively, it closes your mouth. That mentioned, Dr. Lipari stresses that there isn’t sufficient scientific proof to say mouth taping positively improves oral hygiene.

What are the potential uncomfortable side effects of mouth taping? 

There are a number of good causes consultants are usually against mouth taping. The potential uncomfortable side effects of mouth taping — a few of that are extra apparent than others — are of very actual concern.

Hassle respiration 

The primary concern that most likely involves thoughts when you consider bodily taping your mouth closed is the power to breathe correctly. Sure, the physique can breathes out of each the mouth and nostril, however there is a good motive it has two channels for oxygen to move by. When you have an obstruction that makes it troublesome to breathe solely by your nostril (like those beforehand talked about by Dr. Breus), mouth taping will make it even more durable so that you can breathe, particularly for these with sleep apnea. 

Clogging of the nasal passages

It was beforehand famous that nasal respiration helps to strengthen the nasal passages, however mouth respiration performs a task protecting your system clear, too. In keeping with Dr. Han, coughing is the physique’s manner of protecting its air passages open, and taping your mouth shut may impair that protecting mechanism.

Restricted oxygen move 

In keeping with Dr. Han, when oxygen ranges within the physique dip too low, coronary heart arrhythmias and even seizures can happen. Blocking your mouth in case your nostril is already blocked may theoretically enhance this threat. “[In this case, mouth taping could] cut back your physique’s capacity to get wanted oxygen throughout sleep, thus additional lowering consciousness ranges,” explains Dr. Han.

Pores and skin irritation

Though folks have been utilizing specialty tape made for pores and skin to mouth tape, our consultants say the world round your mouth is extremely delicate, so there’s at all times a threat of irritation or rash.

What are some options to mouth-taping? 

The professionals we spoke to to clearly think about the development as one thing to keep away from. However in the event you’d nonetheless prefer to reap the supposed advantages of mouth taping, consultants say there are many options to contemplate.

For oral well being advantages: 

Contemplate what you’re consuming earlier than mattress

In keeping with Jeffrey Sulitzer DMD, dentist and chief scientific officer of SmileDirectClub, if you wish to strive mouth taping to finish a bout of dangerous morning breath, you may want to check out your food regimen first. “A dry mouth will be triggered by many meals you eat throughout the day, corresponding to salty or acidic meals, and alcoholic drinks,” explains Sulitzer. Reducing again on a lot of these meals and drinks may help stop it.

Set up and persist with an oral hygiene routine

A technique to enhance your oral hygiene is to undertake an oral-care routine. If mouth respiration could possibly be inflicting dangerous morning breath, Dr. Sulitzer recommends investing in a brand new toothbrush that may assist take away all meals and residue buildup out of your tooth and gums, in addition to a water flosser to completely clear the gums and rehydrate your mouth. 

For sleep advantages:

Strive nasal strips or a nasal dilator 

Respiration by your nostril whilst you sleep (with out mouth tape) is simpler in the event you’re not congested. An over-the-counter resolution to nasal congestion that Dr. Breus recommends nasal dilators, one among his most popular strategies of opening the nasal airway. “I personally use MUTE,” he says, “It opens up your nostril and works [well].” He does add that in case your congestion is persistent, it might be time to talk with a physician. “Whereas over-the-counter medicines assist cut back occasional congestion, a well being care supplier ought to handle persistent or extreme respiratory allergic reactions.”

Change your sleep place

It nearly sounds too simple, however Sudha Tallavajhula PhD, a neurologist at UTHealth Houston and medical director of the Neurological Sleep Drugs Middle at TIRR Memorial Hermann in Houston, says altering up your sleeping place may help to maintain your mouth closed at evening, particularly in the event you usually sleep in your again. This adjustment is known as “positional remedy,” by which you keep away from supine positions throughout sleep. “This can be achieved both by sleeping at an incline or on the perimeters, utilizing the mattress and pillow mixtures you could have accessible,” says Dr. Tallavajhula.



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